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Advertising. Strictly in definition means communicating with the general population about a commodity or service to influence them and steer them into obtaining the said product….Well just a few simple words to define , but on deeper contemplation there is a sudden dawning revelation of how much power advertising holds ..the ability to sway whole populations to suggestions of what is deemed popular. And so comes the slowly settling weighty realization of the huge responsibility advertising holds. Through its numerous media : internet , television , radio , print ,posters ,billboards..the responsibility of sending across to the people the quality,ideals,imagery and value of the brand they push and for them to be accurate keeping in mind the paramount trust ordinary citizens place on advertising for the same…

Advertising is such an amazing means through which entire different worlds can be created to cater to the needs and happiness of the various classes and generations amongst people….If used well and responsibly advertising is most probably the most powerful means of suggestion.

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